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Andermatt Reuss rings in a new era of Alpine design. We used noble, locally sourced materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques to create a development that is in harmony with the environment.

Gilda Sustainability

Rethinking Alpine Design

In Andermatt Reuss we combine classic Swiss design with contemporary flair to give the town an international yet authentic Alpine character.

Andermatt Responsible

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for Andermatt and the region beyond. Andermatt Responsible is our campaign for sustainable, climate-friendly tourism in the region. We incorporate the community in mountain cleanups and keep the consumption of resources as low as possible.

Gilda Sustainability


All of Andermatt’s properties, lifts and gondolas are 100% climate-neutral thanks to electricity from hydropower stations and wind turbines.

0 Co2

We try to expend as little carbon as possible thanks to district heating from the wood-chip-fired power plant.

0 kg

There is a no PET policy on the mountain. By introducing glass bottles, we’ve managed to limit our one-way plastic waste.

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